[Linux-aus] OSIA representation to LinuxWorld

Del del at babel.com.au
Wed May 4 14:14:02 UTC 2005

I spoke to Minnie Constan today and presented some information on OSIA to
her.  I have arranged a meeting at her office next Thursday at 9am.  This
is to discuss what options there are for OSIA and its members to participate
at LinuxWorld.

If anyone from OSIA has anything that they think needs to be discussed in
this meeting then bring it to my attention before then.

Minnie is slowly getting her head around the Linux / Open Source landscape
in Australia -- several different organisations representing different
interests such as LA, OSIA, AUUG, and others such as the ACS SIG etc.

Probably someone from AUUG needs to be in contact with her at some point
as well, although that should happen separately from the LA and OSIA
discussions so as not to bombard her with too much information at once.


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