[Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Tue May 3 21:05:04 UTC 2005

Hi all,

What a month! I have a couple of things to bring up of interest.

Firstly, there was a pause for the Open Source Forums as LCA and other
conferences vied for our time, however we have booked in the next two Open
Source Forums for June and July, and will be announcing speakers and times
within the week. In June we'll be looking at anti-circumvention issues, and
how they affect Open Source. This is still a very misunderstood area and
poses a great threat to our development. Then we'll be doing a Forum on Open
Source Business Methodologies. Both look to be great and our friends at
Baker and McKenzies have offered to host both events again.

Linux Australia did the press training that Jon mentioned, and I do ahve a
bunch of notes to write up. We'll be working more closely with OSIA to pool
our media resources, and have made a press crm for both organisations to use
to more effectively communicate to the broader community. We'll be posting
the key messaging on our web site soon, now that both LCA and Ubuntu
Downunder are over :) Also there has been an offer from one of our good
media friends to write up some guidelines for communicating to the press.
We're really looking forward to seeing it as it will no doubt be very

Finally Software Freedom Day (http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/) is on Sept
the 10th. It is probably a good opportunity to run some events to draw
attention to FOSS. Some ideas might be a FOSS evening to show off your
community and software to your family, friends and other interested parties.
You might consider handing out CD's on a street corner (but not in front of
Microsoft please), setting up a community centre with 2nd hand pcs and FOSS,
or even running some Linux training or certifications. As Linux Australia is
an LPI affiliate and has the capacity to run LPI papers exams very cheaply,
we could run LPI exams around the country on that day. What else would be
useful for your local community and how can LA help you do it :)


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