[Linux-aus] Re: FYI: Canada's proposed copyright laws

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Mon Mar 28 22:01:06 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-25-03 at 13:11 +0800, Chris Pudney wrote:
> From slashdot 
> <http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/05/03/24/2243232.shtml?tid=123&tid=17>:
> " The Canadian government has reportedly said no to the DMCA. It released 
> its plans for copyright reform today with a limited anti-circumvention 
> provision that would not cover the likes of DeCSS. It even avoided the U.S. 
> "notice and takedown system" that has caused a big headache for U.S. ISPs. 
> A good summary is available from Canadian law professor Michael Geist. "
> If Canada, which has a "free-trade" agreement with the USA (as part of 
> NAFTA) can reform its copyright legislation then Australia can/should too.

As I understand it, the Canada-US FTA (later expanded into NAFTA) didn't
include intellectual property provisions, whereas the Australia-US FTA

Nevertheless, if it holds up it will be a surprisingly firm stand on the
part of the Canadian government. Good for them!


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