[LACTTE] Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Mar 1 17:23:04 UTC 2005

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Michael Still wrote:

>>> Maybe we should try a user conference that caters variously to all 
>>> the sorts of people we can think of, then get feedback on how to do 
>>> it right next time -- more as a deliberate experiment, than a first 
>>> actual run?
>> Ok, I think that's implicit in anything like this though. If LCA 2005 
>> tried something and it flopped, then we'd drop it in the future too.
> Yeah, all good things are experiments in that sense. I'm thinking more 
> that rather than trying some particular idea ("let's do LCA-lite" or 
> "let's do a tradeshow") we might want to try deliberately doing bits of 
> all of them then choosing a focus once we see what works.

Sure. So, we need a plan that can have a small trade show (for 
instance), need to ask for expressions of interest from vendors, but be 
able to back out if no such interest is present.

>> I think there is recognition out there that the formula isn't cast in 
>> stone for any of these events.
> For comparison, while the formular for LCA gets major tweaks, the 
> fundamental focus has been pretty consistent -- it's talks by top notch 
> local and foreign developers for Linux hackers and friends.
>>> Well, hey, it has only been a couple of weeks; and your proposal was 
>>> so draft it had a request for "$xxx" :) There's not really much of a 
>>> definite idea to have a consensus on yet.
>> That's cause the real figure is so big it would blow your mind!
>> Seriously, I wasn't 100% comfortable talking about my draft numbers on 
>> a public list. 
> committee at linux.org.au isn't a public list...

Yes, but I have been unclear on what to use committee@ for under the 
new, opener, regieme (which I like by the way).

I'll draft something over the next couple of days and send it in.



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