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Tue Mar 1 18:07:02 UTC 2005

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|> Michael Still wrote:
|> >>>> - users are extremely price sensitive
|> >> Note anything more than $0 is too much.
|> > Perhaps. How do you fund an event without having any money though?
|> There're at least three ways:

Just to put another thought into the mix.  Perhaps local people could be
contacted in centres such events may be run and they could fund the event
themselves for the local area, local computer clubs, lugs, commercial
enterprises etc.

I know a number of entities run smallish events in my own town, install
fests etc.  My local computer club also does some work in this area.

If there was an advisory group who would assist with the organising and
possibly arranging speakers/demonstrations etc it would make it a lot easier
for regional centres to host events.

Initial contact could come through members in those towns perhaps or through
application from the local people.  They could put forward a proposal and
the advisory group could do an analysis to see it was viable and assist with
the development of the project.

It may be a way to get the exposure Michael is thinking of without the
centralised cost.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch

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