[Linux-aus] Remastering Fedora Core 4

Del del at babel.com.au
Tue Jun 28 12:26:02 UTC 2005

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> I've spent the weekend trying to create a custom version of Fedora
> Core 4 (see http://www.lemis.com/grog/diary-jun2005.html#25).  All
> works well (now) except for booting.  I can't find the bootstrap in
> the directory tree (isolinux/isolinux.bin is the wrong size, and it
> doesn't appear to be intended for CD booting), and I don't know of any
> tools to extract it from the bootstrap area.
> There's a whole lot of detail in the URL above, so I won't waste
> bandwidth by repeating it here.  Does anybody have any pointers?

In reference to your diary entry (which I did eventually find by
scrolling down from the URL above), 1.44MB is NOT the correct size
for an ISO boot image constructed with --no-emul-boot.  That's
the correct size for the old emulated El Torito stuff but no longer
correct these days for bootable DVDs and things.  A bootable ISO
image is essentially a bootable ISO image -- not a bootable floppy
disk image.

Also, your script is fundamentally incorrect because you need to
specify a boot image size with no-emul-boot.

Try reading man mkisofs() in some detail, there's a bit of new stuff
in there recently.


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