[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Minutes

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Mon Jun 20 11:12:02 UTC 2005

Hi David,

> > The LA minutes from this committee are all available currently at
> > http://linux.org.au/~aj/minutes/
> Either I'm confused or I can't see them:

Maybe I'm confused. What is the "them" you can't see? The list in your
email is exactly what I see at that page.


> That's what I can see

Is there something unspecified missing?

> and the last three notes have a access control.

Yep, that's by design, at least for now. All those links are to mailing
list archive entries. The "minutes" are sent to the public linux-aus
list, so they're public. However, the "notes" entries are AJ's rough
notes that he takes during the course of informal teleconfs and the
like, and they are posted to the committee so we can remind ourselves
about stuff we talked about but they aren't "official" minutes. Since
the committee list is a closed list, the links to the notes are likewise

There is nothing particularly secret about them, they're probably just
not very interesting or relevant to anyone else and if they were all
posted to linux-aus it would just be noise as far as most people are
concerned. They probably wouldn't even make much sense to anyone else
since they're just extremely brief memory-prompters (often only a word
or two per topic) for the people that were there, and it would be a
total pain for AJ to have to write them up as coherent notes. The formal
meetings are of course a totally different story and AJ writes and posts
proper minutes for those.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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