[Linux-aus] Re: [LACTTE] I need sponsor from the proyect

Jonathan Oxer president at linux.org.au
Mon Jun 20 08:57:01 UTC 2005

Hi Jorge,

> Date: 29, 30 september 2005
> Project Name: Software Libre Guatemala 2005
> Aim of Project: Jorge Higueros
> Person Resposible for Request: Jorge Higueros
> Request: $2000.00
> Is the firt Convention of Free software in this country I want your
> support for this event

Thankyou for the above grant application submitted recently to Linux
Australia. Unfortunately it would not be appropriate for Linux Australia
to commit funding to this project. We hope the Convention of Free
Software is a successful event and suggest you approach other
organisations operating in your region for funding.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Oxer
Linux Australia

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