[Linux-aus] Face to face committee meeting: issues to discuss?

Jonathan Oxer president at linux.org.au
Fri Jun 17 11:57:02 UTC 2005

Hi LA,

The committee will be having a face to face meeting in Adelaide this
weekend, so if there are any burning issues that you think should be
raised there's still time to make yourself heard.

An agenda for the formal part of the meeting will be posted later this
afternoon as per our constitutional requirements, but that doesn't mean
we can't still discuss things informally. If you have specific input
into topics like:

 * The scope of the grants scheme
 * LA/LUG interaction
 * LCA (particularly thoughts about 2007/8 locations)
 * Software Freedom Day
 * Media issues
 * LA involvement in intellectual property issues

or any of the other things that have been discussed here recently please
make yourself heard ASAP either on this list or (if the matter is
sensitive) by emailing committee at linux.org.au. It may be a while before
the next f2f committee meeting, so don't let this opportunity pass by.

And if anyone in Adelaide would like to meet up with us over the weekend
please say so. AFAIK Geoffrey has already emailed the linuxsa list about
people joining us for dinner on Saturday night, but final details for
that haven't been sorted yet.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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