[Linux-aus] Planet Linux Australia hackergotchis

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Tue Jun 14 08:57:02 UTC 2005

Due to very little effort on my behalf[0], but as a result of several
requests, Planet Linux Australia (http://planet.linux.org.au) now supports

So if:

1) you are an Australian or live in Australia, and
2) you hack on Linux/Free-Software/Open-Source-Software, and
3) you have an occasionally on-topic blog with an RSS/atom feed, and
4) you have a 70x74 pixel transparent PNG of yourself, and
5) you have an IRC nick,

then just send through all of that to planet at linux.org.au and magic pixel
fairies will do their thing.

Share and Enjoy![2]

[0] Thanks again Jeff and Scott (http://planetplanet.org/)
[1] See http://planet.gnome.org for planet aggregation gone wild
[2] New p.l.o.a. template coming soon!
michael at msdavies dot net

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