[Linux-aus] LACCTE grant - DarLUG - thanks to everyone for your support

anthony hornby anthony.hornby at cdu.edu.au
Mon Jun 13 10:27:02 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for the support of Linux Australia in
approving our grant proposal. 

We'll start organizing things straight away.

The first moves will be getting the DarLUG server capacity expanded and
the software mirror set up. Once that is done and we have placed the
"get free software here" desktop links on all the library PC's I can
take a few photos of that and send them through ( pics of server + some
pics through the library space with 100+ "free software stations" read
student PCs with CD-R/RW/DVD+-R/RW burners). The public kiosks will take
a little more time - but we have the donor PCs already - they are in
boxes in my office. Plus everyone will be doing the work in between
full-time jobs/ study/ family life (usual story for most of us I think

Pretty much all on track at this stage.

I'll probably put something up on our website in the next day or so and
set up an online gallery of the project as it progresses  as well.

Thanks a lot again - this will make a real difference to accessibility
of FOSS up here.

Regards Anthony

Mr Anthony Hornby RHCE BIT ALIATEC
Library Systems & Technology Coordinator
Charles Darwin University | CRICOS 300K
anthony.hornby at cdu.edu.au | office +61 8 89 466011

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