[Linux-aus] Salary Survey

Morgan Tocker tocker at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 07:20:03 UTC 2005

> What is the average earnings of people doing what I am doing?  Shit, why I
> am I being paid 3 standard deviations below what I should be
> paid???!one!1

I think this sums it up well for me.  I had a chat to some of my peers
at work about the Hays survey a while back.  We thought that it was
inflated because they were trying to encourage people to jump ship and
look for new jobs ;-)

Anyhow, a while back I printed out the survey and highlighted the
position(s) which best matched my role as I went for my review. It
went something like "This is the role I am fulfilling.  This seems to
be the industry rate.  I'm happy today and I like working here, but to
stop the temptations of jumping down the track, how about we talk a

I guess in truthfulness many of us don't know how much we should ask
for because we don't know what we should be (it's hard to est. your
own value to a company).  I'm really enthusiastic that LA can put
together some good stats and there will be enough transparency that I
won't be suspicious of some of the figures like in Hays.


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