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Dassa dassa at dhs.org
Fri Jun 10 22:09:02 UTC 2005

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|> Yeah, I'm going to tell you how much I earn so the business 
|> manager can downgrade my salary.
|> Can Linux Australia:
|>  a) Not duplicate what the ACS already do
|>     (you people [read idiots] have checked their survey]
|>  b) Not suggest such stupid surveys
|> We're a bunch of open source enthusiasts. There's no benefit 
|> to me in this survey...AT ALL.
|> If anything you'll reduce my salary.
|> I can't see any benefit in that.
|> DSL

You have already done any damage possible by indicating you have something to
hide.  Personally, I have a number of income sources and the only party who
knows anything much about them is my accountant, the ATO only get the final
figures which is what any survey would be interested int.

The name calling applies to yourself by bringing attention to your
circumstances, there is nothing to fear by anyone in providing basic
statistical information.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch

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