[Linux-aus] Ubuntu Surprise Opportinuties

Craig craigw at blue.net.au
Fri Jun 10 18:56:02 UTC 2005

Last Monday night by chance I ran into person called Christopher Chan
who was leaving for a three week trip to Sudan. Why Sudan (not listed in
Lonely Planet on the must visit list), Chris is going to Sudan to help
setup a NGO project. 

We got talking about the trip and the details of the NGO project which
then turned to software. Christopher has skills based mainly on Windows
but had an open mind to Linux but really did not have much insight into
Linux or have any CD's. 

So next day I expressed post six cd packs of Ubuntu Hoary to him. Now
the project is based on Ubuntu.

Bit of details of the project supplied by Christopher:

Solar Powered PC Project

In context of its possible application in Sudan

Projects Aim:

In the present age, information on virtually any subject is readily
available, yet there are some who lack even the most basic and essential
reading materials. 

This project endeavors to design a computer system which will allow even
the most remote villages in Southern Sudan the ability to access
information on a range of topics.

It is our intention to provide these less fortunate people with a
computer that will assist in the education and development of both their
young and old.

Software Choice:

We believe that Linux is the ideal software to be used for the following

     1. It is free, which is important in keeping the price per unit as
        low as possible.
     2. It has low hardware requirements, making it easier to source
        cheaper parts.
     3. It is stable, which is important since technical support will be
        extremely low or unavailable.
     4. It is highly customizable, allowing us to make the interface
        user friendly.
     5. It can be booted from a CD or DVD, allowing the computer to run
        without a HDD, and the operating system can be update by merely
        using an updated cd.

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