[Linux-aus] Grant Scheme: libferris, evolution and libxml

Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Fri Jun 3 12:35:02 UTC 2005

Ben Martin wrote:
> Aim of Project:
> Either the above libxml2 or evolution mounting option. I also highlight
> the efforts already put into creating and expanding libferris to date as
> support for this request.
> Person Resposible for Request:
> Ben Martin
> Request:
> A high(ish) end LCD screen to provide incentive for the port/work ;)
> For example SAMSUNG 21" 213T LCD which currently goes for about $2000.

So far we've been restricting grants to providing equipment necessary 
for doing work, rather than an incentive to do it. I think it'd be 
interesting to change that, but there are some things folks on the list 
might want to comment on to help us in considering those sorts of requests:

  1) does it matter how useful the work's going to be? how popular? how 
would we judge such things?

  2) does it make sense to buy equipment instead of just giving out money?

  3) what sort of followup should we do or expect?

  4) does it make sense to give the money before the work's done, or 
would some sort of after-the-face prize scheme make more sense?

  5) if we do this sort of thing, should it be open to anyone, or should 
it be restricted to, eg: works that aren't compensated in any other way 
(part of a job, or submitted for other reward schemes, eg), people who 
are in some sort of financial difficulty, or something else?

  6) would it make more sense to offer small prizes/grants to a bunch of 
people for small works, or a scholarship/salary to one or two people to 
let them work on a larger project over an extended period?


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