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Matt Moor mmoor at slug.org.au
Wed Jun 1 10:03:01 UTC 2005

Hi All,

The following was sent to me at work, and it's probably of interest to 
some/all of you:

Has the Free Trade Agreement given you a bad dose of copyfright?

Many people are worried about the effect of the Australia US Free Trade 
Agreement (AUSFTA) on copyright. Does it affect the duration of 
copyright? What about out-of-copyright material? And is it true that 
some things that weren t copyright issues before   such as playing a 
pirated CD or DVD   are now copyright infringements?

These and other changes in the law will be covered in the Australian 
Copyright Council s 2005 copyright seminar program.

* Copyright Essentials: gives a thorough introduction to copyright in 
Australia now the AUSFTA is in force. If you want to know what copyright 
protects, who owns copyright, and how long it lasts, this is the session 
for you.

* Moral Rights: were introduced in Australia in 2001. This year s 
session includes the introduction of moral rights for performers as a 
result of the AUSFTA, and other key issues.

* Recent Developments: is for people already familiar with copyright who 
want to bring themselves up to speed with the latest developments. This 
short, sharp seminar covers the AUSFTA amendments as well as proposals 
for changing government ownership of copyright. You ll also find out 
what s been happening in important cases such as Kazaa.

These sessions being run in: * Sydney:  6 June, * Adelaide: 5 September, 
* Brisbane: 17 October, * Perth: 1 August

Expand your knowledge and nip copyfright in the bud, for further
details please visit: http://www.copyright.org.au/training

Australian Copyright Council, PO Box 1986, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012.  
TEL: 02 9699 3247, FAX: 02 9698 3536, WEB: www.copyright.org.au


Matt Moor

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