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[Linux-aus] LiveLAMP ready for testing (soon). In need of ISO mirrors.

 LiveLAMP is a bootable Linux CD that allows you to set up a LAMP install 
 quickly and easily. It is intended to provide a platform for primary and 
 secondary IT teachers to get students using a LAMP server to learn about 
 web development.

 LiveLAMP is an initiative of Open Source Victoria.

 We're just about to launch a near-feature-complete alpha. 
 The site is up, courtesy of the gang at Creative Contingencies:

 We're also in the process of establishing a torrent for the ISO.

 The ISO hasn't been transferred across in full yet - don't
 bother downloading yet! ;-) 

What we need:
 If you are able to mirror the ISO (~500 MB), let me know, and I'll tell 
 you when it's ready to rock.

Con Zymaris <conz@cyber.com.au> Level 4, 10 Queen St, Melbourne, Australia 
Cybersource: Australia's Leading Linux and Open Source Solutions Company 
Web: http://www.cyber.com.au/  Phone: 03 9621 2377   Fax: 03 9621 2477