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[Linux-aus] Re: LCA2006 Having Education As A Theme?

Hi folks

Would like to post a <aol>metoo
regarding linux community education programs.
There is quite a lot going on and quite a lot more which could be.

There are a range of programs available currently to train folks
especially mums who are returning to the workforce in computing basics.
Kylie and Robyn are doing this using Linux on Gnome at the Aldgate Hut.
Kylie is also running a program at TeenChallenge in Murray Bridge.

Kylie and Robyn have said that the ingots system has been handy and well
received by older students as well as youngsters.

Seniors online is a great program which trains older folks in computing skills currently MS
based as far as the projects I've seen. It would be great to intorduce some of these voluntary trainers
to the wonders of open source.

Many of the recycling groups do provide training as part of handover of computers.
ITShare has been deploying/maintaining a network for the Aldgate Hut Community Centre.
Training and support for the Hut folk on the gnome desktop and networked environment has been a
large part of that project. Peter Gossner has played a large part in that process.
Karl Goetz is currently maintaining the site. Heather is a Hut person who has made the journey from
no Linux experience to helping with system administration using the commandline.

I am one of a group of volunteers which is starting a new group, Bettongs, based in West Torrens Adelaide
and our first project is a training project for the senior citizens currently based at the centre which is being developed.

Linux community based education is certainly an area where people are pushing boundaries and
and where getting together to learn from each other and do it better is probably a good idea.

Cheers Janet