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Re: [Linux-aus] Hello everyone! and Grant Request

Random opinions.

Tim Ansell wrote:
I would like funding to cover the cost of producing the prototype PCB
boards. [...]
I also would like some help with the cost of parts. [...]

So this part seems pretty easy and straightforward. If it's a worthwhile project, providing a small amount of money to help with parts is easy.

As I have only recently started participating in hardware side of the
Open Source world, I am lacking a few tools for working on it.  [...]

This part is a little less obvious to me; surely it'd be better for this sort of hardware to be owned by some sort of "open hardware hacking group", so it can be shared amongst different people and projects; possibly as part of a university engineering club, or with assistance from an engineering firm that already has those tools.

As the Open Source software for producing PCB is still primate I have
been using a piece of software called "CadSoft Eagle". [...]

This is kinda similar.

I am not after any money to help with time issues (as I enjoy working
on these projects). At a later date a production run could be done and
funded by Linux Australia which should turn a profit.

With what other people have said, maybe it makes more sense to look at this as a way of encouraging people to do open source hardware hacking in general, than as something that'll actually be either profitable or actually reduce the cost of VOIP in Australia. I mean, if it does turn out to be either of those things, that's great, but it's not anything like a certainty, and encouraging open source hardware might be a worthwhile thing in and of itself anyway, at least if it's cheap?