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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Jonathan Oxer wrote:

> But as I said, these are examinations of extreme positions. They're very
> useful things to think about even just as mental exercises to frame our
> own concepts of the bounds of reasonableness.
> So where from here? Assuming we want to follow a middle-ground course,
> what should that be?
> At the end of the discussion the committee basically decided to leave it
> up to me to set a course since there was no clear consensus among the
> group. Oh well, I suppose this is where the burden of responsibility
> comes in! Time to be Presidential. Or something.

How about a middle ground approach. Come up with a clear budget / bucket
for projects, and ask the community for suggestions. Perhaps one of the
failings at the moment is that ideas need to come from the community.



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