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[Linux-aus] 2005/06/19 Committee Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Linux Australia Committee Minutes and Meeting Notes
Adelaide, 2005/06/19


    Jonathan Oxer, President (Chair)
    Pia Smith, Vice-President
    Anthony Towns, Secretary
    Mark Tearle, Treasurer
    Geoffrey Bennett
    Andrew Cowie
    Stewart Smith

The following formal business was conducted by the committee on the 19th June 2005.

Open Education Sub-Committee


  A Linux Australia Educational Sub-committee should be established.
  The committee should consist of at least one member from each state
  and territory plus a nominee from the Linux Australia committee.
  In the first instance the committee will be co-chaired by Pia Waugh,
  James Hamilton and Geoffrey Robertson.

  The LA Education subcommittee is about helping people from schools,
  TAFEs, universities, and other educational and training organisations
  who either use or teach Linux and open source.

The motion was proposed by Anthony Towns, and seconded by Jon Oxer. It
was passed without dissent, Pia Waugh abstaining.



  That Linux Australia conditionally accept the grant request on behalf
  of Alison Russell to coordinate and assist with authorship of entries
  for the LCA HOWTO by previous organising teams, and to compile, edit,
  and complete the document for use by the current and future LCA
  organising teams and others, pending objections from the community
  received by the 29th of June. The grant is to be $1000 in advance, and
  $1000 when the work is satisfactorily completed. The committee will
  review the work with the advice of previous conference organisers.

Anthony Towns proposed the motion initially with unconditional
acceptance. Geoffrey Bennett expressed his concern that the grant should
not be accepted before two weeks had passed since its public proposal.
Anthony Towns expressed his objections to a conditional acceptance, on
the grounds that that would not being an acceptance at all, and that the
the delay was unnecessary. The motion was proposed by Stewart Smith, and
seconded by Mark Tearle. The motion was carried with six votes in
favour, with Anthony Towns voting against.



    Motion: That the minutes of the Committee Meetings held by
    teleconference on the 10th and 24th of May 2005 accurately
    reflect the proceedings of those meetings.

The motion was proposed by Anthony Towns, and seconded by Pia Waugh. The
motion was passed unanimously.

Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc