Grant request status? (Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request: Australian Twisted Sprint)

Jonathan Oxer jon at
Mon Jul 25 09:52:02 UTC 2005

Hi Mary,

> That would be useful thanks. My own preference for these things is a
> timeline, which I guess would look something like this:
> Day 0           : Submit grant request to linux-aus
> Days 0-14       : Discuss and defend grant request on linux-aus
> Day 14          : Grant referred to committee.
> Day 14-X        : Discussion of grant by committee
> Day X           : Last day for decision by committee and notication of
>                   applicant.
> I imagine the value of X would be either 21 or 28, but obviously this is
> not decided yet.

Yes, something like that would be very useful, or perhaps laid out as a
series of numbered "steps" with the timeframe involved with each step.

> Another thought is that you might like to publish a guide for linux-aus
> on evaluating these grants.

Great idea, we should definitely do that. Ideally each grant application
should be forwarded to linux-aus in a standard format with those
questions appended to let people respond as easily as possible.

Cheers  :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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