Grant request status? (Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request: Australian Twisted Sprint)

Jonathan Oxer jon at
Mon Jul 25 09:31:02 UTC 2005

Hi Mary,

> Is there any chance you could immediately update the page to indicate
> that after the public discussion period grants will still be subject to
> the decision of the committee, particularly in cases where the monthly
> limit is exceeded by that month's requests?

It does actually say that already (just above the 'Process' section is a
section called 'Exceptions' which notes the points above) but the
'Process' section should be fleshed out a bit to make it all clearer.

> It's been rather unnerving to have had complete silence on the subject
> of my grant since Jul 1 when the initial request went to the committee,
> only to be told after what I thought was the complete process that I am
> now subject to a separate and as yet completely unknown process, an
> unknown timeframe, an unknown notification procedure and unknown
> criteria :)

Sure, I totally understand how you feel and we'll try to do better in
future as we sort out how the process should work.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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