[Linux-aus] Re: LCA2006 Having Education as a Theme?

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Jul 19 13:42:02 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 07:02, Kylie Willison wrote:
> This email was sent from a computer running the Ubuntu Linux
> operating system.  The Linux operating system isn't harmed by
> Windows viruses.

Nice! (-:

How about this modification?

    This email was sent from a computer running the Ubuntu Linux
    operating system.  The Linux operating system isn't harmed by
    any of the 100,000 or so Windows viruses you see on the news,
    and nor does it accidentally pass them on.

Educating adults is the only way to broaden Linux acceptance. _So_ 
_many_ places shell out $3000 plus consulting on MS SBS because they 
think they'll somehow understand how to manager it "because it's 

So it gets trashed by an attack or virus every year or two? Shrug. Price 
of doing business.

My wife gets annoyed when I close a browser window she's had open for 
two or three *weeks*. My sister-in-law routinely leaves editing jobs 
unsaved for that long.

The only straightforward way to break this attitude is education. 
Computer Angels' approach is to educate everyone that they hand a 
system to. I'm sure the McNallys (and others) would enjoy at least a 
serious round-table on this, if not a full mini-conference. It would 
help to deal with many tangential (not-directly-Linux) problems as 

I'm pretty sure Jacqueline reads this list, so this is directed at her 
[waves] and others in her position: would it help to have a miniconf 
called the Linux Delivery Project ("LDP" for confusion) and to partly 
sponsor contributors to it?

If the answer amounts to Yes, then I hereby stupidly volunteer to 
organise it and to raise a proposal to put to l.o.au for paying (say) 
half of the airfares for one *contributing* participant (ie, must 
attend and must give a real and useful presentation) from each state?

I'd also chase up source of funding from Gummint bodies interested in 
computers-for-the-poor/digital-divide issues and high-tech disposal 
issues, with a view to either providing a better deal for the 
volunteers, or reducing the size of the l.o.au funding request.

Question for Mike Beattie: can you please add "chase up similar people 
in EnnZed" to your growing ToDo list (should call it a ThreeDo list, 
it'll get so large)?

Cheers; Leon

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