[Linux-aus] Grant request: Australian Twisted Sprint

Mary Gardiner mary-la at puzzling.org
Mon Jul 11 12:37:02 UTC 2005

Date: 11th July 2005

Project Name:
    Australian Twisted Sprint

Aim of Project:
    To gather Twisted hackers in Sydney for a long weekend of coding.

Person Resposible for Request:
    Mary Gardiner


The Australian Twisted Sprint will be held in Sydney on 19th-21st

    1. Return domestic airfares to Sydney for those dates for two
       attendees to a maximum value of $200 each. Decision on who these
       will be will be based on a combination of financial need (based
       on employment status, studies etc) and existing contributions to

    2. Accommodation subsidies for three attendees for $50 each.
       Recipients will be chosen on similar criteria to the above.

    3. Group dinner for the attendees on the night of the 20th, limited
       to $20 per attendee up to a maximum of 12 attendees ($240).

    Total (maximum): $790

Twisted is a asynchronous networking framework and a set of protocol,
server and client implementations written in Python. The core framework
is mature and Twisted is one of the better known third party Python
toolsets. See http://twistedmatrix.com/ for more information.

This planned sprint is the second Australian Twisted sprint, following a
successful weekend in Hobart in April. The Twisted sprint in Sydney will
follow the informal pattern of the first sprint: we hope to find a venue
through in-kind sponsorship, there will be no attendence charge and
except as outlined above attendees will arrange their own food and
accommodation. We expect between six and twelve attendees.

The outcomes of the sprint will be:

 - improvements to the VFS layer developed at the Hobart sprint,
   hopefully including inclusion in the main Twisted Subversion
   repository and some preliminary porting of some server

 - improvements to the Twisted documentation in the main repository

The aim of the grant request is to make it easier for some of our
attendees to make the trip to Sydney for the sprint. Not all of us are
employed or otherwise easily able to afford the cost of the sprint.

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