[Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Jul 3 20:46:02 UTC 2005

On Sunday 03 July 2005 16:28, Lorn Potter wrote:
> Leon Brooks wrote:
>> We'll go overseas to Tasmania, too, when they have enough people to
>> back an LCA there.

> I thought LCA did not have any problems filling arenas.

D'oh! Enough _organisers_. "When _they_ have" doesn't refer to those 
filling the arena.

>>  * filtering out the less dedicated for one year;

> Dedication has nothing to do with it. Travelling internationally is
> inherentally more of a PITA than travelling domestically.

Like I said: "filtering out the less dedicated". For one year.

>>  * top spot to be in midsummer;

> this is open to debate.

OK, as long as you don't mind losing. (-:

>>  * generally not being colonial and mindlessly nationalist.

> Then amend the charter to include a more international flavor and
> stop calling it Linux Australia. ;)

>> How about Linux Australasia? I think a formal name change would be
>> a major PITA, but I don't think referring to us as Linux
>> Australiasia would be such a bad thing.

> At this point, it would be more accurite.

Was that a troll? No, forget I asked. (-:

Where are you stationed? Do you have any interests to declare?

Hello from Perth, WA.

Cheers; Leon

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