[Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Sun Jul 3 04:44:02 UTC 2005

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Lorn Potter wrote:
>> Everyone whom I have told this to, including non geek types that don't 
>> know anything about Linux, thinks this seems a bit odd, and raises a 
>> lot of eyebrows.
> Personally, I think that's half the fun. We raised some eyebrows when we 
> moved the conference to Brisbane (after Sydney and Melbourne) too -- 
> lots of people didn't think people would go. Even more eyebrows were 
> raised when we went to Perth, for the same reason. Eyebrows were 
> likewise raised when Canberra's LCA shifted the timing into April.

Australians don't need a passport to get to Perth, or Brisbane.
If you really want to raise some eyebrows, make it in Fiji.

> I'm all for keeping things from getting stuck in a rut, personally. 
> Having a team that's enthusiastic about running a great conference is 
> what attracts the speakers and then the attendees.

Except by taking the conference overseas, you are making it more 
difficult for your attendees to get there.

> If you want a boring explanation; LCAs been comparatively under-attended 
> by NZers, so having one in NZ should give them a taste of what they're 
> missing out on, and thus encourage more folks to consider the trip to 
> .au in future worthwhile, in turn improving trans-Tasman ties within the 
> community and making it easier for Australian Linux and open source 
> professionals to take advantage of NZ opportunities, whether providing 
> or obtaining products or services.

That's all fine and dandy, except the organization is named Linux 

It's even stated in the "Charter":

"Linux Australia helps individuals to realise their potential and 
supports them in events and schemes to support and help the Australian 
Linux community."

How is it helping the Australian Linux Community by taking the 
conference overseas?

Do not get me wrong. I have no problems with New Zealand ( great snow 
skiing from what I hear!), people from there, or promoting Linux 
anywhere in the world. But it seems the stated focus of Linux Australia 
is to Australia. If this is now changed to focus on Linux Anzacs, or 
Linux Commonwealth - then state this in the charter.

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Trolltech Qtopia Community Manager
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