[Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive? - BBCA

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Jul 1 12:52:04 UTC 2005

On Friday 01 July 2005 11:08, Bret Busby wrote:
> However, given that Linux Australia has apparently spent $12,000 on
> having a linux conference overseas,

Why, when you get a bee in your bonnet, do you invariably react by 
pulling the bonnet down over your head as hard as you can and tying the 
string securely under your chin?

LA typically makes a small _profit_ from a conf.

If you don't like what LA's doing, you're more than welcome to form your 
own organisation, and run your own conference. It's a free world and as 
an LA member I'd like to encourage you to take the freely available 
documentation on how run an LCA and... run one yourself.

If what you're doing is better than what LA's doing, it should prosper 
and perhaps eventually absorb LA's membership.

Try it. You'll be amazed.

Cheers; Leon

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