[Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

Jon maddog Hall maddog at li.org
Mon Jul 4 06:51:02 UTC 2005

lpotter at trolltech.com said:
> I must say, from an outside perspective, it looks sus and  silly.

I disagree.

I was at the LAC before Canberra when people started to mention the possibility
of having it in New Zealand, and I thought it was a great idea.  I have been
to quite a few conferences in Australia, but not to any conferences in
New Zealand, and I would bet that there are a lot of foreign speakers that
are in the same situation.  Ergo it might be easier to get good foreign speakers
to return to your conference, and to attract new ones if it were not held in
"the same old places".

In fact, I told the organizers that I would skip Canberra (been there, done
that) but I would definitely think about coming to the New Zealand conference,
if I was invited (and had time in my schedule, etc.)

Secondly, I would guess that there are a number of people from NZ that come
to the conferences in Australia, particularly if they are in Sydney or some
eastern city.  Getting more NZ people to come to the five or six conferences
that you have in Australia by showing them one in NZ every five or six years
is good marketing.....and to show them the type of good time that you have
and the types of sessions that you put on will attract them.

So I do not think that having a "Linux Australia" conference in New Zealand is
"sus and silly" at all.  I think it is a shining example of what we call

And this is said as a New Hampshire Yankee who is funding two Brazilians and
a Columbian to attend the Ottawa Linux Symposium in Canada.

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