[Linux-aus] Do you have any nice, clear photos?

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Jan 31 13:04:01 UTC 2005

They can be of anything; particular objects, scenery, events, whatever. 
Photos in which a few recognisable people are prominent will require a 
simple modelling release from those people, anything else is fair game.

Please submit them here:


This is also a great teaching resource in that students are sure to find 
at least one image which attracts them. Said image can then be used for 
teaching them how to use graphics programs etc.

Unlike most photo repositories, this one is explicitly unencumbered and 
the images are available at full original resolutions. Your 
contributions will increase the range and variety available and make a 
great resource even greater.

This also represents an opportunity to promote a favoured activity or 
object, so if you have (for example) good, clear pictures of people 
Moodling, or your favourite sports team's clobber, or a spectacular 
getaway spot, they're all ideal candidates.

Cheers; Leon

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