[Linux-aus] Community Code: mentoring FOSS participants in Australia

Mary Gardiner mary-la at puzzling.org
Mon Jan 31 07:00:02 UTC 2005

Hey LA folk,

Just writing to informally alert you to the latest brainchild of the
SLUG community: Community Code.

Community Code grew out of some thoughts Matt Palmer was having about
getting local uni students to do some FOSS work for experience together
with a SLUG thread about whether people on the Newstart allowance could
do FOSS work as part of meeting their mutual obligation requirements.

The basic idea is that the project will hook potential contributors up
with FOSS projects and mentor them as they become part of the community
by pointing them at tasks that need to be done. In addition, we're going
to set up the documentation pre-requisites so that Newstart recipients
can work on FOSS projects (and if they're interested, be mentored etc
like other participants), and we will provide the necessary
documentation to show that they're doing work for a community group that
fufils Centrelink's mutual obligation guidelines.

At the moment we're still in the early stages of nutting out the details
of what's going on, but we have a wiki and mailing list. If anyone's
interested, you're welcome to join us at http://communitycode.org/


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