[Linux-aus] Missing Minutes

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Sat Jan 8 11:49:01 UTC 2005

I was hoping to review the minutes of the LA committee this year, prior
to the looming elections, so I could assess the performance of
individuals standing again, yet I've found there are no minutes posted
since August:


Any chance that the missing four months of minutes could be posted so
that Linux Australia has some transparency and a record against which we
can review LA committee performance?


". . . we will ask the Auditor-General to draw up new guidelines on what
is an appropriate use of taxpayers' money in this area. There is 
clearly a massive difference between necessary Government information 
for the community and blatant Government electoral propaganda. 
Propaganda should be paid for by political parties."
--John Howard (Press Release, "Auditor-General to 
examine Government Advertising", 5 September 1995)

The Truth: The Howard Government never asked the Auditor-general to 
examine Government Advertising and they completely ignored the 
advertising guidelines recommended by the Auditor-General in 1998. 

"In relation to future government advertising, we will explain 
government policies where it is necessary. We make absolutely no apology
for that . . . The truth of the matter is that all governments . . . 
from time to time have advertised and explained the features of new 
--John Howard (Question Without Notice, Hansard, 
22 June 2004)

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