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Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference - grand plans

Leon Brooks wrote:
On Wednesday 23 February 2005 11:04, Michael Still wrote:
Surely it's better to start off small and let the event grow into
what there is a demand for over time. The cost of running something
like LCA (which is only three streams and 500 ish people) is in the
order of several tens of thousands of dollars, much of which is spent
in advance for things like merchandise, and venue costs. You can
minimise risk by starting small and growing over a couple of years.
Agree, although OTTOMH, the $100k previously quoted was slightly conservative and LCAs have often made a profit (or to put it another way, the contingency budgeting has often not had to be used).

The $80k figure I quoted earlier for a conference of 300 was $60k of real costs, and $20k of in-kind sponsorship -- $60k happens to be 300 * $200. Those numbers are way too round, and there's some real money sponsorship too, but the principle's pretty right -- if not enough people are coming to cover your costs, you're either not running a good enough conference (and hence getting enough people), or you're being a little too profligate in your budgeting.