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Re: [Linux-aus] A greybeard pontificates on User Conference(s)

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 17:33 +1100, Michael Still wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Leon Brooks wrote:
> [snip]


> > After that, the whiteboards address less tangible issues, among them a
> > decire that LA be facilitators, be scaleable, be involved in
> > development, remain informal, foster respect, and rounded off in red:
> > "pragmatic and practical". I can't speak to pragmatic, but a user conf
> > sure looks practical from here. We as a community have run one lots of
> > times now, so doing a variant shouldn't be impossible.
> >
> > It can also be a pump-primer for LCA - but OTOH, LCA is pretty much
> > full. A conundrum. What shall we do about that? Do we have enough
> > international speakers to supply two or more LCAs? Can we push some of
> > the less technical but still technical stuff out to (a) user conf(s)?
> I suspect that's what prompted the current discussion about user
> conferences -- the people who belong at one, but don't have one to go to
> end up at LCA.
> Mikal

That's how I ended up at lca2003 in Perth- I wouldn't know a line of c
if it hit me in the face, but there was some content of interest to me-
PostgreSQL, PHP, Gnome, licensing etc.

If there was a user conf as good as lca then I would be as happy as a
pig in mud.  The only serious obstacle I can see to making it happen is
the willpower to do it.  If we put our energies into it, that problem
will be solved.

Tim Bowden