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Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)]

Tim Bowden wrote:
Just out of interest, can anyone give an of-the-cuff ballpark figure of
what lca2004 cost, with an approximate breakdown of where the money

Going from memory on 2002, the key costs were:

	* venue (yay for in kind sponsorship from unis!)
	* flying international speakers in
	* food (morning/afternoon tea; conference dinner)
	* everything else

Think, say, $20k for each of those items for a conference of 300 attendees, and you're in the right ballpark.

Subsequent conferences have added other stuff and gotten bigger, but the above will get you your base model LCA without the options.

New issues for a user conference could potentially include:

	* not being able to run it at a uni or get cheap rates
	* having to pay speakers to present (particularly specialist
	  trainers who mightn't want to compete with themselves)
	* having to pay organisers

Anything heading towards a trade show type event should be buried 6'
under unless a commercial organiser wants to do it themselves.  IMHO it
should not be lug's or la that drive such a thing.

So what /would/ people like to see? Talks? Tutorials? Classes? Areas where you can go to talk to Linux developers / consultants / companies? Do you want to focus on learning stuff, or getting ideas on new things to do, or networking? Do you want to come wearing a suit and holding a business card, or with a t-shirt and a laptop?

What would you or your friends/workmates go to a "CALU" for, that you wouldn't be better off going to an LCA/AUUG/SAGE conference for?