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Re: [Linux-aus] LA ctte meeting summary 2005/02/13

Bret Busby wrote:
2. Reagarding the item regarding possible future Linux User Conferences, and, with the reference in that item, to the annual Linux Conference, it is my understanding that the current annual Linux Conference, superseded what was previously an annual Linux Users Conference, previously known as the CALU - the Conference of Australian Linux Users.

That conference was a one off -- the follow on was "linux.conf.au" in Sydney. When Brisbane followed on from Sydney, we had the choice of renaming it again, or keeping the name -- we decided to keep the name. Since then it's been a tradition that people don't really think all that much about. I don't know that CALU in 99 was actually that different from LCA in 2005 -- there isn't really much difference between "power users" and "developers" in the Linux community.

LCA has become primarily about getting the actual developers of Linux and open source projects to talk; but that also makes it a pretty high-level conference and forces you to miss out on interesting tutorials like "How to get the most out of emacs" that are more about teaching the audience something than about new advances in free software.

I'd be all for some new conference taking over the CALU name personally.

Thanks for the feedback!