[Linux-aus] LA ctte meeting summary 2005/02/13

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Tue Feb 22 08:12:08 UTC 2005

Bret Busby said:
> On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Stewart Smith wrote:
>> 5) LCA will be where the best bid comes from. Anybody who did not put in
>> a serious bid cannot complain.
> So, when Microsoft puts in a bid for it to be held at Redmond (?) USA,
> it will be held there?
> Microsoft has lots of money. It could put in a far better (?) bid than
> anyone else.
> Or, if SCO puts in a big bid, to make that the "best bid", will the
> conference be held at SCO headquarters in the USA?
> Is Linux Australia going to surrender the conference to the highest
> bidder, for making the "best bid" ?

For goodness sack, me' lad!  Best bid is not necesarrily the best the
richest.  Can you think of any other good criteria for where to hold a
conference besides the mighty dollar?

Michael... (since leaving committee they've been censoring my email too :-)
michael at msdavies dot net

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