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Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Wed Feb 16 14:51:02 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-16-02 at 15:30 +1100, Mary Gardiner wrote:
>     (1) The public officer of the association 

[That would be me at the moment]

>     must establish and
>     maintain a register of members of the association

The "register of members" is contained in the membership DB that Stewart
Smith authored for us.

>     (2) The register of members must be kept at the principal place of
>     administration ...

[the Act, and its prototype Constitution (which ours derived from) is a
considerably archaic document. Welcome to the era of ubiquitous
information and decentralized organizations, <sigh>. We're covering off
the spirit of the requirement, and that's good enough for me]

>     of the association and must be open for inspection,
>     free of charge, by any member of the association at any reasonable
>     hour.

Notwithstanding privacy concerns, arrangements can be made. Since it's a
networked resource, the time of day is somewhat insignificant :)

> That by no means requires you to make it available freely on the web of
> course, but does mean that you will need to have it somewhere, 

And indeed we do - in a nice little set of postgresql database tables.

> and
> should probably warn members that their name and address will be
> available to any other member on request.

The register is available for inspection, but the personal data held
therein is not, as per the requirements of the Privacy Act (ie, if a
member wants to see the structure of the database, and a list of primary
keys, etc, then, as I said, arrangements can be made. And if someone
really wants to dig that deeply, then I'm sure Stewart would welcome
some coding help. Patches accepted and all that.)



P.S. Stewart, we're going to need a read-only user with very very
refined access privileges, and maybe a preset query or two.

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