[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au in January

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Thu Feb 10 08:29:04 UTC 2005

At 2005/2/9 19:19+1100  Andrew Cowie writes:
> The attraction to our guests from the northern hemisphere cannot be
> overemphasized - we have consistently identified the presence of such a
> diverse group of international speakers as a critical success factor for
> LCA, and the chance to get away from the snow is unbelievably important.
> There's less snow there in April.

Hey if I remember correctly, April is one of the higher snowfall
months in Denver,CO - definitely warmer though :-)

Regardless, we certainly had no shortage of developers from overseas
wanting to speak at the conference this year in April. And I know of
at least one speaker to a previous conference who said they won't
return to an Australian summer because its simply too hot for them.

> P.S. I should add the disclaimer that I was fully complicit in the
> decision to hold LCA '05 in April was made in Dec '03. My views then
> were the same, but that's when they wanted to hold it, they made a good
> case, and this ain't a dictatorship. <shrug>

I agree - we should leave it up to the organising committees to decide
when they think its best to hold the conference.

cyeoh at samba.org

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