[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au in January

Mary Gardiner mary-la at puzzling.org
Wed Feb 9 11:45:06 UTC 2005

On Tue, Feb 08, 2005, Mary Gardiner wrote:
>   - good for attendees from the Southern Hermisphere because late
>     December - mid Janaury is a slow time for many businesses and it
>     fits in with a traditional leave taking time, and people are less
>     likely to have tasks they can't get out of at work

Just as an idle data point, someone wrote to me from California after I
blogged this to say that as an astronomy geek (as well as a FOSS geek),
she'd much rather be in the southern hemisphere in spring or autumn to
see the magallanic clouds and the galactic centre: January is the least
interesting time for the southern sky, for her.

I'm not sure what other factors aside from astronomy and summer sun are
playing into international's decisions.


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