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I'd like to recommend that Linux Australia strongly consider sending at
least two people to this three day school. There will be some important
skill building workshops as well as activist networking occuring. There
are some important skills to be gained from these workshops and the Free
Software community has an important role to play in these events.

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Community Organising School 2005 
Sunday April 3 to Wednesday April 6, 2005
Currawong, Pittwater, NSW

In light of the re-election of the Federal Liberal Government, reflecting on
and increasing our ability to organise and work across movements is vital.
We can gain strength if we learn new strategies for working with people from
different sectors and experiences.

The Community Organising School 2005 seeks to link experienced organisers
from a variety of movements, including community organisations, the union
movement, environmentalists and social justice movements, to learn together
and to build our collective strength. 

People attending the School will learn, share and build organising
techniques for expanding our capacity and effectiveness for social change in
Sydney and NSW. The School will run sessions to draw out experiences and
lessons on effective organising and social change practices from

The School will be held at Currawong, Pittwater, NSW from Sunday April 3 to
Wednesday April 6, 2005

The School's residential accommodation only allows us to provide 40 places
and we are aiming to have a very diverse range of participants in the
school. For this reason we are asking people to go through a registration
process. Registrations are due by Friday 11 Febuary 2005.

The registration fee for the school will be approximately $300 per person
(subject to final catering costs) and includes three and a half days of
training, accommodation and food. However we do not want costs to prevent
people from registering. If your organisation cannot afford this cost,
please indicate this on the registration form. We are seeking sponsorship
from larger organisations to subsidise the costs of others. 

The Community Organising School is the culmination of a year long discussion
between union organisers, community organisations, adult educators and
environmentalists. While the School is the first public project, it will be
one of many reflective and training opportunities opportunities provided to
reflect and learn about community organising. To find out more about the
School or to discuss how you can participate in this exciting and timely
project feel free to contact either:

Tony Brown, Centre for Popular Education Tony.Brown at uts.edu.au 9514 3866
Christine Laurence, Western Sydney Community Forum christinel at wscf.org.au
9637 6190 Melanie Gillbank, Search Foundation mgillbank at search.org.au 0403
051 606 
Amanda Tattersall, Unions NSW amandat at labor.org.au 0409 321 133 

To register, download the form from:
Please forward to others who you think would be interested.

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