[Linux-aus] Peoples Choice Community Member of the Year Winner

Karin Purser lugroundup at k-sit.com
Sat Dec 24 11:02:02 UTC 2005

After much deliberation and discussion a winner has been selected as 
Community Member of the Year.  We would like to congratulate Pascal 
Klein of Canberra (CLUG) who will be recieving a concession ticket to 
LCA06 and $200 towards expenses.
The judges would like to thank everyone involved, those nomiated and 
those that nominated.
Pascal was chosen by unanimous decision because of his work with KDE, 
CLUG, Gnome and Ubuntu.  Given that he is only sixteen and has only been 
involved in FOSS for a little over 12 months, the judges felt that he 
would make the best use of the opportunities present by attending LCA06.
The other nominees were all deserving in their own right and we would 
like to both congratulate and thank them for their contributions to the 
FOSS Community.
I would also like to thank my judges for the great job they did, I know 
their task was not an easy one. Finally I would like to thank the Linux 
Australia Committee for contributing the $200 and the LCA06 Committee 
for the ticket.
I  (MotherLUG) would like to wish all a happy and safe holiday and thank 
you all for the support you have given us during the year, and hope to 
have you listening in in the New Year.


"May all you hopes and dreams be just around the corner"

You can find the podcasts at
lugroundup at k-sit.com

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