[Linux-aus] "start anything you like" type commercials on telly?

Carrington, Mike mike.carrington at eds.com
Wed Dec 14 14:06:02 UTC 2005

>> Perhaps one of the things we could put together is a syllabus for 
>> tutors at the various colleges and U3A's to use? Or is this too 
>> ambitious and not part of the LA charter?
>It's not part of the Press ctte charter, but still a great idea. I
think tutors probably want to teach Linux but don't really know >how to
go about it. A syllabus that takes people through the installation
procedure, the GNOME and KDE desktops, OpenOffice, 
>system admin, etc.
>BTW, my local community college (Port Macquarie) does offer a Linux

Yes, this sounds like a good idea. Has anyone mentioned using the
syllabus in schools as well, my kids seem to be the only
ones at their school that have heard of KDE. AN easy set-up guide would
be a good start with some tips for handling
of devices and so on (I always do things the hard way I think).

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