[Linux-aus] Wrong medium, wrong market

Paul Antoine paul at beprivate.com
Mon Dec 12 19:41:02 UTC 2005

Adverts work best when done more than once, and most magazines will want 
a 3-month commitment... for which they usually offer some discount. 
Advertising is much better done in conjunction with a more comprehensive 
PR campaign.

Advertising and PR only really work best when you maintain some momentum 
by having recurring ads and/or articles appearing regularly over a 
period of months.  This leads most organisations using such media to 
plan well in advance to gather suitable project updates, customer 
stories etc. in order to time the PR releases to create such a flow of 

In my experience customer-focused stories with clear positive outcomes 
are a lot more interesting than stories about the organisation itself. 
You then make sure the organisation you're promoting is mentioned 
positively by the customer... in LA's case the "customer" would be 
whoever LA was facilitating, or better yet the end-user of the project.


skribe wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 08:55, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
>>On 12/12/05, David Ruwoldt <david.ruwoldt at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
>>>The other side is to take out full page adds in a couple of magazines as
>>>well. This costs lots of money when compared with articles and
>>>interviews. If you got an article or interview into a Mag it would make
>>>sense to also have and advert for the conference in the Mag to reinforce
>>>the fact it was on.
>>That would be better. Adverts are more targetted.
> Some costs and circulation figures:
> APC: 4-colour fullpage ad: $5655 + placement loading circ: 223,000
> PC User: 4-colour fullpage ad: $5610 + placement loading circ: 365,000
> skribe

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