[Linux-aus] blogger wanted

Brendon Chase brendon.chase at zdnet.com.au
Mon Dec 12 10:38:01 UTC 2005

I’ve noticed the thread “wrong medium, wrong market” and thought the 
following might be interesting for the right candidate.

Wanted: FOSS blogger in real-world software development

As part of blogs on Builder AU (target audience=software development 
professionals. The site currently hovers around 1 million impressions 
per month) we are currently looking for the right candidate to blog on 
their experiences using FOSS (development tools, using various 
platforms, and solving real-world problems), commenting on various 
topics facing the industry, and keeping an eye out on the latest trends.

I’ve seen quite a few probable candidates on planet LA, but would need 
to keep the topic of the blogs focussed on technology and software dev. 
(Movie reviews, pictures of the new dog, and so forth are interesting on 
personal blogs but probably not suitable for the this type of forum).

Anyway, if you think you can blog about the topics above on a regular 
basis (2 postings per week minimum) then drop me a note off the list at 
Brendon.chase at cnet.com.au


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