[Linux-aus] Wrong medium, wrong market

Paul Coldrey paul at ensigma.com.au
Mon Dec 12 08:36:02 UTC 2005

Andrew Donnellan wrote:

>On 12/12/05, Paul Coldrey <paul at ensigma.com.au> wrote:
>>I think this is the answer. Every month or two some journalist who has
>>heard of Open Source decides to write an article in a major paper or
>>magazine. A couple of years ago these articles tended to be completely
>>uninformed shite. Nowadays they seem to be becoming ever-so-slightly
>>more informed version of shite. If we could find a way to get a few more
>>of the salient advantages of Linux / Open Source into these articles
>>(hopefully at the expense of some reworded M$ marketing drivel) then I
>>think it would reach a much larger audience and be far more compelling
>>that late night TV advertising. Plus it would be free which fits in with
>>the LA marketing budget :-)
>You really can't trust journalists to do this. These articles will say
>some of the linux advantages (free ads for us) then say some of
>Windows' benefits (what we don't really want).
I agree entirely,.... BUT the articles are already being written (often 
seemingly based on dubious research)  so if we prime the journalists 
with some facts then it can't hurt. Otherwise, it might appear that 
their main source of data is M$ ads and the M$ website.



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