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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Sat Dec 3 12:57:02 UTC 2005

Hi Clayton,

<quote who="Clayton Scott">

> Your extremist right wing views are contrary to the purpose of the
> Linux/Windows translation into the maori language, with these
> translations taking place there can only be advancement in the wider
> community.

I completely agree. It is sad to see such ridiculousness on our list, but
Bret has a, shall we say, way with words. He is apt to say silly things,
sometimes has a gem of interest, but often just pisses people off, often
seemingly on purpose.
> I am really concerned that in the year 2005 we can have racism to such
> a perverted extent and i feel sorry for you for not being able to see
> the good in the continued growth in the maori language and its
> culture.

I think getting Maori into Linux is wonderful. Anyone know how it is being
done? I am hoping to do the same in Australia, and am thinking about using
the Canonical Rosetta project which gives a non-technical web interface to
updating a language. I am extremely jealous of NZ where I've been told
everyone learns Maori in school, as it is the original language of the land.
There seems to be broader acceptance there, whereas in Australia, there is a
lot of tenseness, and not enough pride in the Aboriginal culture and many
lanuages.  Obviously it'd be harder here to do that, as there are _so_ many
languages, however imagine if we could take the top dozen and get them into
Linux, imagine if they could have a web interface to updating or creating
dialects, suddenly the youth have more reason to be participating in their
culture.  That is the key, growing the participation. I don't believe in
preserving cultures.  Preserving means putting in a jar in a museum. I do
like the idea of empowering minority cultures to share, to grow and to take
pride in who they are as well as the nation taking pride in our heritage.

I think Free Software is a sustainable way we can do that, and I hope one
day we can all walk forward together without squibbling about whose language
or culture is better. This is what I love about our community, for the large
part, we are bonded by common values of freedom, empowerment, a meritocracy
and a DIY no bullshit approach. I see no other community so bonded across
such otherwise broad differences. I think we should be using our powers to
make the world a better place. There is no point getting flamy and
frustrated by people who demonstrate the weaknesses of their biases. For the
large part we can really make a difference, and for the large part, we do :)

Just my 2c.


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