[Linux-aus] With elections coming up soon I thought I'd post a few ideas

Andrew Donnellan ajdlinux at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 08:33:02 UTC 2005

On 12/3/05, James Purser <purserj at k-sit.com> wrote:
> I posted the following on my blog and I thought I would post it here and
> see if we could get some agreement on a couple of the issues (I know, I
> know).
> I have been hesitant to bring this up seeing as the last time it was
> brought up, a couple of people managed to hijack the debate and turn it
> into a flamefest, however with elections coming up soon I thought I
> would throw some ideas about and see what the rest of the community
> thinks.
> ________________________________________________________________________
> First off I would like to revisit the idea of extending the terms of the
> office holders(President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) on
> the committee. One year is really not enough for someone to get elected,
> get used to the position and the responsibilities and then get stuck
> into long term projects. In my opinion two year terms would be best .
> This allows for a period of adjustment to the role, catching up with
> issues and so on and then it gives ample time to get stuck into building
> the organisation and exploring new avenues and projects. Also having one
> year terms for the ordinary members gives those who would like to
> contribute more to the organisation a chance to see what working on the
> committee will be like without having to commit to the full two years.


> Secondly I would like to bring up New Zealand. Matt Brown from
> Wellington LUG raised an interesting point in this message on the
> linux-aus mailing list. Should we be looking at maybe taking on the role
> of Linux Australasia, becoming a body that represents LUGs and the FOSS
> community both here and in New Zealand? This is of course predicated on
> whether the New Zealand FOSS community would want to be part of such an
> organisation. Personally I think this idea is not such a bad thing.
> Having a look around the community in New Zealand there is some really
> cool stuff happening and they are facing many of the same issues that we
> do in Australia.

My main issue: LCA. If LA is going to become linux australasia, then
there needs to be a confrence in australia and one in NZ. I'm not
coming to LCA 2006 because I can't travel to New Zealand. It makes the
cost go from $300+petrol/domestic flight to *$800* (rego+airfares)!
The choice of NZ for the *Australian* Linux conference means a lot of
us can't go.

> Lastly I would like to touch on the sub-committee system and the
> percieved openness of operations. Pia reminded us about the Sub
> Committees a little while ago, and I think there is really a great deal
> of potential here but we need to get the word out more about the
> opportunities offered. As to the openness, I know the committee is a
> volunteer org and time is a rare commodity, however I might suggest
> something like a monthly Presidents report or similar, just to keep
> people up to date with what is going on.



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