[Linux-aus] [Fwd: [dunlug] Open source beer recipe!]

Karin Purser lugroundup at k-sit.com
Fri Dec 2 15:32:02 UTC 2005

"What's this "Vores Øl"?

 Vores Øl (Our Beer) is a great tasting energetic beer and it's the 
world's first open source beer! It is based on classic ale brewing 
traditions but with added guarana for a natural energy-boost. Version 
1.0 is a medium strong beer (6% vol) with a deep golden red color and an 
original but familiar taste....
We think that our open source beer is a nice twist on this quote, and we 
think it is interesting to see if our beer grows stronger, out in the 
free, and perhaps one day becomes the Linux of beers.
Who knows?" http://www.voresoel.dk/main.php?id=70


"May all you hopes and dreams be just around the corner"

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