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Re: [Linux-aus] Automatically punished for doing the right thing?

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005, Leon Brooks wrote:
> Somebody spammed the list with a message that had no 'To:' header. My
> email server refused it at the gate with a 550 (yesterday, it threw
> away 12,000 dud messages out of 14,000 incomings), so MailMan
> unsubscribed me for "too many bounces". Ah, the wonders of modern
> technology.

Are you sure it wasn't someone faking the bounce address for the list? I
don't bounce incoming spam, and I don't see any such mail in my spam
folder. In addition, Mailman itself usually sits on any mail that
doesn't have the list address in the To field and requires it to be
specifically approved. You might have just got unlucky, refused a mail
with a faked bounce address, and the relay that was sending the spam on
obediantly passed those bounces onto the genuine article.